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Focusonics is a directional speaker which focuses and constrains sound to a narrow beam for 
tens of metres. In the beam the listener is immersed into music or speech while steps away no sound can be heard.

Developed and produced by the Untrasound Research Group (URG) at Neurotechnology. Available as a ready-to-use directional speaker, or as custom solutions with additional functionality. See the Focusonics website

The main application fields of the Focusonics directional speaker include:

Private audio
Sound will be heard only within a selected area of several square meters, and people outside it will be not disturbed by hearing music or spoken information. This scenario is useful for retail places, museums, exhibitions and showrooms, as well as restaurants, public waiting areas or lounge rooms.

Targeted messaging
Focusonics speakers can be installed next to a digital signage to attract attention and localize music or other sound for the display. Optionally, a custom computer vision solution can be used to identify known persons or determine person's gender, age and emotional state for providing more personalized information via the Focusonics speakers.

Public address and warning systems
The speaker can be used to inform or warn people at pedestrian crossings, or it can be used to trasmit warning messages to people who cross the safety line on train platforms or show unsafe behavior at the beach.

The underlying technology is based on a patent-pending method of using ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound.


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