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An end-user biometric system designed to automate attendance control in a wide range of business applications, from employee time tracking to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, public and commercial facilities.

Designed for installation on a desktop computer or laptop or tablet (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. Also can be used on Android-based smartphones or tablets.


Features and Capabilities
The NCheck software allows to register all arrival and departure events for every registered person. There are no software limitations on how many times a user checks with the system, so all leaves can be registered with the systems. Face, Fingerprint and iris biometrics ensure attendance accuracy and prevent user fraud. Read More

Technical Details
The NCheck software performance and usage convenience strongly depends on the used fingerprint scanner, as the fingerprint image size has direct influence on the software performance and reliability. Using larger fingerprint images results in higher identification reliability but lower response time and vice versa. Usually, the optimal fingerprint image size for NCheck software is about 300 x 400 pixels. See the comparison table of the supported scanners for more details on image sizes of specific scanners. Read More

Read More

System requirements
We recommend to install NCheck Bio Attendance software on a dedicated PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, which does not run any non-related applications. Such configuration is required for stable and optimal system performance. Read More

Supported fingerprint scanners
These fingerprint scanners and sensors are supported by NCheck Bio Attendance. Scanner integration API is included with NCheck Bio Attendance software for adding custom scanners. Note that NCheck Bio Attendance software allows to capture only single fingerprints even if a scanner captures several fingerprints at once. Read More

Supported cameras
Any webcam or camera that is accessible using DirectShow. The camera should have at least 640 x 480 pixel native resolution. Read More

Supported iris scanners
Several iris scanners can be installed and connected to the same PC allowing to process several users in parallel thus eliminating peak hour queues. Read More

Licensing and pricing

Licensing model
A license for NCheck Bio Attendance application is required for each PC or each Android-based device that runs this application. The license is called single computer license. Read More

Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time. Read More

Related products
VeriFinger SDK is for development of PC-based, embedded and mobile fingerprint identification systems; NCheck Bio Attendance fingerprint identification functionality is based on VeriFinger algorithm. Read More


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