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An application for gestural and voice computer control. Hand movements are recorded by a webcam and translated into pointer movements. Gestures or voice commands are accepted to emulate the actions that are usually performed with a regular mouse or a touchpad: clicks, double-clicks, drags and scrolls.

Also, disabled people may use head movements to control the computer. The NPointer is freeware and runs on a PC or laptop with Microsoft Windows.

Basic Usage

Suitable for users with regular webcams (the separate devices connected to a USB port). The camera should be placed on top of the computer screen (or other rather high object) and tilted to look down to the table. You have to move your hand on the table surface in the camera's field of view to control the pointer. Read More

System Requirements

1.6 GHz or better processor;
Microsoft Windows XP or newer operating system;
a web camera for using the gesture-based computer control;
a microphone for using the voice control.





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