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The interactive environment of is designed for training deep-learning models and provides these capabilities:

Image labeling toolkit
It allows attaching labels to images for image classification, object detection and image segmentation models. An intuitive interface makes labeling faster and easier. Output labels are automatically saved in a format suitable for deep-learning algorithms.

Training environment
A model can be trained on the prepared images without any coding via the intuitive user interface.

Interactive statistics
Information about the model's performance is produced after the training process. Prediction accuracy, precision, recall and many other metrics allow users to measure their models' performance. This information can be immediately viewed and filtered to briefly state how efficient the model is as well as give guidance on its improvement.

Online model use
All models trained by a user can be employed to make predictions based on new, previously unseen images. The models can be used online inside the platform or via a REST API.

A custom project can be ordered if a task seems to be "non-standard" or rather complicated. In this case our experts will take care of the model's setup and training. The user just needs to take care of image labeling.

See the website for more information.


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