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SentiVeillance SDK is designed for developing software that performs biometric face identification, detects moving pedestrians or vehicles or other objects and perfoms automatic license plate recognition using live video streams from digital surveillance cameras.

The SDK is used for passive identification – when passers-by do not make any efforts to be recognized. List of possible uses includes law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, traffic monitoring and other commercial applications.

Technology and SDK

Features and Capabilities
SentiVeillance technology performs face recognition, pedestrian or vehicle classfication and tracking 
in real time. The technology is designed to run on multi-core processors to achieve fast performance.
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SDK Contents
SentiVeillance 7.0 SDK is based on the SentiVeillance 7.0 technology that is specially designed for integrating biometric facial recognition into video surveillance systems. Face templates created with SentiVeillance SDK are fully compatible with VeriLook SDK and MegaMatcher SDK multi-biometric technology. Read More

Basic Usage Recommendations
Face recognition accuracy of SentiVeillance heavily depends on the quality of a face image in a frame.
There are some basic recommendations and constraints when using face recognition applications based on SentiVeillance SDK.
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System Requirements and Supported Cameras
The requirements below are provided for a single computational node (PC or server) used to run
the SentiVeillance algorithms. Multiple nodes can be connected together via network to support larger surveillance systems.
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Technical Specifications
4% of the frame's larger side
(at least 32 pixels) is the minimal recommended distance between eyes for a face on video stream or image to perform reliable face tracking and template extraction. The speeds of face tracking, template extraction and matching against a watchlist database are dependent on actual size of a face in a frame, not on the size of the whole frame. Read More

Licensing and pricing

Licensing Model
An integrator should obtain a SentiVeillance 7.0 SDK (EUR 790) to develop a end-user product based on SentiVeillance technology. The SDK needs to be purchased just once and may be used for all projects and by all the developers within the integrator's company.
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VeriLook SDK is  for developing PC-based and web-based face identification software, with possibility to match near-infrared and visible light face images. Read More


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