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SentiVeillance Server is a ready-to-use software for easy integration of biometric face identification and vehicle and pedestrian classification and tracking, as well as automatic license plate recognition into operating video management systems (VMS). The software analyzes live video streams, which are served by a VMS from surveillance cameras.

The list of possible uses includes law enforcement, traffic monitoring, security, attendance control, visitor counting and other applications.

Technology and SDK

Features and Capabilities
A video management system (VMS) usually provides only motion detection functionality and can help to filter out parts of video from surveillance cameras when there is no movement. SentiVeillance Server software enhances existing VMS with these features and functions.
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Technical Details
SentiVeillance Server software is based on
SentiVeillance 7.0 SDK technology which provides real-time person or vehicle recognition and movement tracking for video surveillance systems. SentiVeillance Server has certain specifications and requirements for achieving best performance. Read More

System Requirements
SentiVeillance Server is designed to receive video streams from video management systems (VMS). SentiVeillance Server software installations and VMS installations are expected to run on separate machines and communicate over network.
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Licensing and pricing

Licensing Model
A license for SentiVeillance Server software installation is required for each computer that runs this software. The license is called single computer license. Read More

Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time.
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Related Products
SentiVeillance Server is ready-to-use software, which requires only connection to operating surveillance video management systems (VMS). No other Neurotechnology products are required for deploying SentiVeillance Server based solution.
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