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SentiSculpt is designed for software developers who want to use computer vision-based 3D object model reconstruction from images in their applications.

Object models are created automatically from sets of photos, which were captured from different angles using regular cameras.

Technology and SDK

Features and Capabilities
SentiSculpt technology is designed for rapid creation of 3D object models from series of 2D images. The generated models are suitable for wide range of applications, including virtual or augmented reality, video games creation, 3D printing, computer aided design, architecture etc. The object size may range from a small toy to a large building. Read More

SDK Contents
SentiSculpt SDK is designed for developers who want to use computer vision-based 3D object model reconstruction in their applications. The SDK allows rapid development of computer vision-based 3D object model reconstruction systems using functions from the SentiSculpt library for Microsoft Windows platform (see also the system requirements). Read More

System Requirements
At least 1GB of free RAM should be available for the SentiSculpt-based application. Additional RAM may be required for working with larger images and larger sets of images, as well as larger object models. Read More

Specifications and Usage Recommendations
2~5 megapixel camera resolution is recommended for optimal reconstruction performance and 3D model quality. Larger resolution will slow down model creation performance, so users should consider if it is acceptable for them. Model quality can be also improved by using larger number of photos from different angles. Read More

Licensing and pricing

Licensing Model
An integrator should obtain a SentiSculpt SDK (EUR 859) to develop a end-user product based on SentiSculpt technology. The SDK needs to be purchased just once and may be used for all projects and by all the developers within the integrator's company. Read More

Quantity discounts do not accumulate over time. Read More

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